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HVAC Optimization:

HVAC Optimization Is a process designed to bring an HVAC system back to original operating conditions. TechClean Industries process consists of the following:

HVAC Inspection: The system will be visually and if required video inspected. An evaluation of the needed services will be made.

Green Air Process: TechClean Industries uses a patent pending technology that combines a probiotic solution with super heated water to remove Biofilm from the coil. This will bring the coil back to 5% of original design.

Air Duct Sealing: Gaps and cracks in air ducts cause leakage that significantly reduces the efficiency of the air delivery system. TechClean Industries uses either Aeroseal or Carlisle HVAC sealing systems to stop leakage.

TechClean Industries HVAC Optimization process will increase the performance of the system, reduce energy consumption while offering a short term Return on Investment. In addition to that it will deliver clean, healthy air for the occupants of the space.

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HVAC Refurbishment:

HVAC Refurbishment is more cost effective than completely replacing the HVAC system. It is important to refurbish your HVAC system in order to prevent you from having to completely replace your HVAC system.

The degraded performance of a dirty air delivery system makes it more costly to operate. In addition, there are serious legal and health concerns to consider. Dirt and debris may harbor fiberglass and other hazardous particles that will contaminate your facility’s indoor air, while moisture buildup, left uncontrolled, may cultivate and amplify mold and other pathogens, creating a potentially unhealthy environment for the occupants of the building.

TechClean Industries will perform an evaluation of the HVAC System to determine the extent of needed refurbishment. This may include:

  • Replacement of AHU insulation and or Duct lining
  • Removal of corrosion in the AHU, condensate pan or ductwork.
  • Application of anti corrosion or anti microbial coatings
  • Mold remediation
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Removal of Biofilm from the coil.

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Cooling Tower Cleaning:

It is important to thoroughly clean a cooling tower to remove biofilm which will ensure that the tower is working properly.
Regular biofilm detachment will allow the systems to operate efficiently and increase the Delta T of the cooling tower.

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Air Duct Cleaning:

Utilizing the industry’s most advanced equipment and our proven protocols, TechClean’s certified, trained, and experienced mechanical hygienists remove contaminants from your air delivery systems by eliminating them at their source. Along with the removal of excessive debris from ductwork and the cleaning of ceiling plenums, the cleaning process usually involves the repair of damaged surfaces and substrates, cleaning coils and drip pans. Along with examination and replacement.

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Air Duct Sealing:

TechClean is a licensed service provider of Aeroseal, the most advanced and effective duct sealing process on the market. Air Duct Sealing is a process that will lead to dramatic increases in HVAC performance and significant energy reduction.

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Emergency Services:

TechClean offers a variety of different Emergency Clean Up Services. For example, when you or one of your insured calls the TechClean operations center, our Damage Assessment personnel make a thorough, accurate appraisal of the damage and the resources necessary to deal with it. We assemble an Indoor Environmental Emergency Response Team to deal with the specifics of each disaster and then outfit them with the material, supplies, and specialized equipment they will need for the situation.

TechClean offers clean up services from Suicide/Accidental Death to Flood and Fire Clean Up. Many of the best-known and highly respected companies in the United States have called upon our commercial/industrial division services. Hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, schools, the military, federal, state and local governments and financial institutions continue to put their trust in TechClean to remediate, mitigate and manage their indoor environment issues. You and your insured can too.

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Mold Remediation:

Mold can become a problem in any home or business so it is important to handle the situation before it gets worse. Prolonged exposure to active mold in an enclosed area, such as a building, can damage the lungs, mucous membrane, cornea, respiratory tract, stomach, intestines, and skin. Mold remediation is a technique that is used to help identify the location and extent of mold in a home or business and then subsequently get rid of the problem.

At TechClean, we are specialists in mold/fungal remediation and control. Our project teams are composed of professionals who are training on a continuing basis and are certified by several of the leading national indoor air quality organizations. In addition to the standard industry arsenal of chemical decontaminates, we have acquired an exclusive license in North America for highly effective biodegradable products that decontaminate anthrax, mold and other pathogens while leaving no toxic residue behind. We also utilize robots, fiber optic imaging and several, TechClean-designed chemical delivery systems to remediate mold.

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HVAC Inspection & Evaluation:

TechClean employees are certified by NADCA to perform HVAC Inspections. Inspectors will assess the Hygenic Conditions of the HVAC System along with the integrity of the components.
Inspections will consist of:

  • Visual
  • Video – Robotic, Drop and Flexible Cameras
  • Photos

Written evaluations Reports will be issued upon completion.

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TechClean Life Safety Division:

TechClean Industries Life Safety Division employees are trained and Certified for NFPA 80 by the Door and Hardware Institute and NFPA 101 by Oklahoma State University.

TechClean’s Life Safety services include:

  • Review Life safety and mechanical drawings as well as past history of fire/smoke damper inspections.
  • Inspect and test Fire/Smoke dampers according to NFPA Life safety code 101
  • Perform fire door inspections as per NFPA 80
  • Firestop survey as per NFPA 101
  • Prepare a written and digital report of findings that is accepted by Joint Commission or AHJ
  • Provide updated life safety drawing with before and after photos for either fire door or damper inspections.

TechClean not only does inspections and reports; we also do repairs and replacements for either fire doors or dampers and installation of firestop barriers.

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Indoor Air Quality Investigation and Testing

At TechClean, our indoor environmental air quality investigation strategy is sophisticated in execution, yet simple in design. The process will identify problem sources, make an accurate diagnosis, and design the appropriate remediation response.
Our investigation process emphasizes detailed inspection, air and surface sampling and follow-up analysis.

Typical test procedures include airflow, component resistance, temperature, humidity, and surface samplings within all HVAC ductwork as well as within the overall building envelope.

An accredited laboratory will perform a follow-up sample analysis. We also conduct performance evaluations on air handling systems and components to ensure that all systems are operating within accepted industry standards.

TechClean’s professionals compile the data acquired during our inspection in an easy-to-read report suitable for presentation to facility managers, boards of directors or other oversight committees responsible for the operation and safety of your facility. The inspection report includes accredited laboratory findings of the various samples we have taken from the site. As part of our report, we also provide you with recommended protocols to remediate any problems found during the investigation.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging surveys are both non-invasive and non-destructive methods for detecting hidden moisture in buildings.

Infrared roof inspection is a proven method for detecting trapped moisture problems in flat roofs.

Thermal roof inspections are also required by roofing manufacturers in order to issue product warranties.

Due to the high cost of replacing a damaged roof, Thermographic roof inspections should be performed whenever a building is purchased, sold or leased.

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